Build Your Routine - Bees & Trees

Step 1

Add to cart your make up remover:

Organic Precleansing Gel is a precleanser / make up remover suitable for all skin types. It has an oily gel consistency and it turns into milk when in contact with water. It dissolves all the oily impurities including make up, sunscreen and dirt. It's suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. Click ADD TO CART to complete the first step of your double cleansing.

Step 2

Add to cart one of the cleansing foams:

Choose Organic Cleansing Foam if you have COMBINATION, NORMAL, DRY or SENSITIVE SKIN.

Choose Organic BHA Cleansing Foam if you have OILY SKIN or ACNE-PRONE SKIN.

Choosse Organic Witch Hazel Facial Tonic if you have OILY SKIN

Choose Organic Lavender Facial Tonic if you have COMBINATION or ACNE PRONE SKIN

Choose Organic Chamomile Facial Tonic if you have NORMAL, DRY or SENSITIVE SKIN

EXTRA INFO: Why do you need a facial tonic? A facial tonic is the most underrated skincare product, but that gives meaning to every other skincare product (makes the most difference). Its main role is to prepare your skin for the rest of the products, but the effects differ based on the facial tonic your choose (and your skin type). Witch Hazel helps balance the skin sebum without stripping the skin of its natural moisture, it refreshes the skin, helps with blackheads and with better absorbance of other products. Lavender is a little more gentle on balancing the sebum production and it also helps calm down inflammation on skin. Chamomile calms down redness, refreshes skin and helps with better absorbance of other products.

Step 4

Add to cart your regenerating serum

Organic Regenerating Serum is a highly potent serum made with 1% Bakuchiol (Bio-Retinol), hyaluronic acid of three molecolar weights and many plant extracts with antioxidant properties. It helps speed up skin rejuvenation, calms down skin inflammation, gives moisture to the skin and leaves it with a healthy glow. It has a light texture and very fast absorbance. It is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES and can be used during day and night. FYI: It's the all time best seller of Bees & Trees.

Step 5

Add to cart your eye contour cream:

Organic Eye Contour Cream is a delicate cream specifically formulated for the eye contour area. Its main role is to keep that area moisturised, nourish it (prevent Crows Feet) and stimulate under eye blood microcirculation. If you're 24+ years old, this nourishing and delicate cream is a must for your routine.

Step 6

Add to cart one of the moisturizing creams:

Choose Moisturizing Cream if you want a nourishing, but light moisturizing cream. Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES, especially for oily skin. It has a light texture and fast absorbance. It has high antioxidant and nourishing properties (prevents wrinkles and gives skin a healthy glow).

Choose Rich Moisturizing Cream if you have DRY SKIN or UNBALANCED SKIN BARRIER. It has a richer texture and helps keep the moisture on your skin. It has nourishing properties and highly antioxidant ingredients (prevents wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy glow). It is also a perfect night cream for all skin types - you can use Moisturizing Cream during the day and Rich Moisturizing Cream during the night (for all skin types).


Step 7

Add to cart one of the exfoliators:

Choose AHA Exfoliating Toner if you prefer chemical exfoliators. It is a combination of five AHA in total of 8%. It exfoliates dead skin cells gradually (not an instant effect as in Organic Scrub - physical exfoliators), but also helps with cell turnover, hyperpigmentation and improving dry & dull skin. It leaves the skin with a healthy glow and helps with absorbance of other products.

Choose Scrub if you prefer physical exfoliators or want an instant effect on exfoliating dead skin cells. It has a rich moisturizing and antioxidant base. The microgranules are very delicate red raspberry microgranules.

Step 8

Add to cart your antiwrinkle mask:

Organic Antiwrinkle Mask is a calming and nourishing mask suitable for all skin types. It has a rich moisturizing base filled with many antioxidant ingredients and also has white clay as a purifying and calming ingredient. It leaves your skin soft, brightened and nourished.

Now you're ready for checkout

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