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when was bees & trees founded?

Bees & Trees was founded in December 2014 with the natural skincare line. The organic line was officially launched to the market in March 2018.

where are bees & trees products produced?

Our organic skincare line is produced in Italy based on the EU Regulation of Cosmetics.

what does organic product mean?

Organic beauty products are formulation of cosmetic products using organically farmed ingredients. These ingredients are grown without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and more.

Our products are 99.9% natural, and all the plant based ingredients are organic.

can a product be 100% organic?

The term organic only stands for plants which are grown without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and more. A cosmetic products also contains natural ingredients (like water), which is not a plant and does not classify as organic.

Unless the product is an oil based product, which contains only organic ingredients, it can’t be 100% organic.

Are your products tested on animals?

We are a brand that strongly respects the Earth and all the lovely species living there. We’re against speciesism in any aspect and testing on animals has never been an option for us.

Our products are produced in Italy, based on EU laws of cosmetics, which does not require animal testings.

We’re happy to say all our products are tested on us.

are your products vegan?

As of now, the only products that aren’t vegan are

Organic Mineral Sunscreen SPF50 and Organic Lipbalm (they contain bees wax).

why is your brand called bees & trees?

Our brands name represents nature as a whole, as it should be respected, with all the plants and living beings. We have chosen this name as a representation of what we love and care for. After all, it is a beautiful combination of what we love, that also rhymes.

Is your packaging enviROnmental friendly?

Yes, Bees & Trees strives to source products and packaging to be environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable. 

Bees & Trees packaging does not contain Bisphenol and BPA compounds. Bees & Trees utilizes plastics that are either PP, PE or PET materials, which are food-grade and highly recyclable.


What type of exfoliant particles are used in the Bees & Trees Organic Scrub?

Our Organic Scrub contains microgranules of organic cranberry, able to clean your skin from dead cells and give it a soft, smooth and luminous texture. Contains emollient, nourishing and moisturizing substances. It leaves the skin silky, bright and smooth.

We don’t use plastic granules or other non environmentally-friendly exfoliants.

What is Benzyl Alcohol?

Benzyl Alcohol and Benzoic Acid are found naturally, in many foods, such as: apricots, snap beans, cocoa, cranberries, mushrooms and honey. Benzyl Alcohol is also found in the essential oil composition of many plants, including jasmine, hyacinth and ylang-ylang. Benzyl Alcohol is an organic alcohol also found in many fruits and teas.

Benzyl Alcohol, Benzoic Acid, Benzyl Benzoate and its salts, such as Sodium Benzoate, are used in a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products, including: baby products, bath products, soaps and detergents, eye makeup, blushers, cleansing products, make up products, as well as hair, nail and skin care products. They have become the new gold standard in preservative ingredients for many natural and organic brands found around the world.

What products contain Benzyl Alcohol?

From our skincare range, the products that contain Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate are our three Organic Tonics. They are hydrosols produced as a by product of plant distillation, therefore being completely plant water, they need a proper preservation.

They are ECOCERT-COSMOS approved ingredients, due to their antimicrobial efficacy and well received safety profile to consumers.

Should I refrigerate Bees & Trees Products?

There is no need in a normal climate to refrigerate the Bees & Trees products. If it is extremely hot and humid you may wish to do so. All our products undergo what is known as Stability and P.E.T. testing to ensure they are safe for the consumer and can withstand high temperatures.

Do you use Synthetic Fragrance in your products?

Non of our products contains synthetic fragrance. The fragrance of our products comes completely from the combination of its natural ingredients. We don’t use specific ingredients only for fragrance purposes.

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