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Each year, our society is turning more and more towards consumerism. This is especially common in the cosmetics industry. Big brands use clever marketing techniques to encourage people to buy more products. I believe you have also fallen for the idea that you need 10 steps in your skin care routine and you have 40 options to choose from one brand; products that are almost identical to other brands. So, what makes Bees & Trees more special than other brands?

Being seen as a very profitable industry, every year dozens of new skincare brands are created which use different marketing tricks that make choosing the right product for your skin very difficult. With all this range of products and complicated terms used on the packaging, which often have no value, it is difficult to make the right choice, either in the product that suits your skin, or in the product that causes the least harm to the environment. Bees & Trees Bio Cosmetics has been working for a long time to create unique and high quality products while causing as little damage as possible to the environment around us. Going back to our topic, let’s see together:

1. We don't test on animals

As you can understand from the name, Bees & Trees is a brand whose core philosophy is based on animals and nature; our products are not tested on animals. Bees & Trees is produced in Italy and is subject to European legislation, which also prohibits animal testing of products.

2. We recycle our packaging

We strongly incourage the protection of the environment. We have created products that leave as little footprint as possible on the environment. Bees & Trees is eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable. The packaging does not contain Bisphenol and BPA. Product containers contain PE, PP or PET material, which are completely recyclable and do not harm the environment. The packaging composition and recycling codes are stamped on the box of each one of our products. Bees & Trees also follows a recycling chain for packaging that is returned by our customers. They are delivered to a non-profit center, melted and brought back “to life” as products of a different nature (ruler, decorative products, vases, plates, etc.). But even if you’re not near a Bees & Trees location, you can do the same in your city by finding the nearest recycling center.

3. organic and made in italy

Bees & Trees is the first Albanian brand registered in the EU (2018), and every product is manufactured in Italy. Most of our products are +99% natural and +23% organic and according to European legislation. Being organic means that the plant based ingredients used in the formulations have been grown without GMOs, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. 

4. Dermatologically tested in italy

 All the products are also tested by a licensed dermatologist in Italy, to be as safe and non irritant as possible for your skin. Every single Bees & Trees product is equipped with the corresponding certificate that proves that it is safe not irritating to the skin.

5. Unique formulations

Wanting to move away from the commercial philosophy of other brands, Bees & Trees has created well thought out products. Our formulations are unique and patented. Each product has a certain function for the skin and the process of creating and testing them lasts over two years, so that the final product is functional, effective and unique, just like you!

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