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I’m sure you may have experienced dry skin at least once in your life. Often, this feeling is temporary; it can be as a result of external aggressors such as: rinsing your face with hot water or very low temperatures. However, it is very likely that this feeling of ‘dry skin’ was in fact ‘dehydrated skin’ and the difference between the two will help you choose the right products to incorporate in your skincare routine.

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a skin type, usually it’s genetically determined, but it can be aggravated by external and internal factors. It is characterized by the underproduction of sebum (the skin’s natural oil) and as a result the skin feels/looks dry and flaky.

A daily factor that makes dry skin worse is the use of very harsh skincare products. In particular, harsh cleansers can strip your face’s natural oils by over drying it. In addition, the exposure to extreme temperatures should be avoided (I’m talking about all of you who take showers in boiling water).

What is dehydrated skin?

Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin is a skin condition. Dehydrated refers to the amount of water in it. A healthy skin contains about 30% water, which is essential for the structure and resilience of skin barrier. In this condition, the skin loses a lot of water and, in addition to symptoms similar to dry skin; it also loses elasticity and looks more wrinkled.

Any skin type can have dehydrated skin. Even oily skin, which is often referred to as overproduction of sebum, but with a tight feeling and visible fine lines.

But, what’s the right skincare routine for you?

Face cleansers that are too harsh are the main causes of skin dryness. Organic Cleansing Foam is a very gentle face cleanser and, preceded by Precleansing Gel, will make the perfect duo for double-cleansing.

Face toners are crucial, especially for dehydrated skin, because they compensate the water that this skin condition lacks. Choose the tonic depending on your skin type from the Bees & Trees collection. Click BUILD YOUR ROUTINE to find out which fits you best. 

After the tonic, we suggest the Organic Regenerating Serum. It nourishes the skin and helps repair skin barrier. Contains Bakuchiol, an ingredient that targets mature skin, making it more elastic and thus improving the skin’s water-holding capacity.

Depending on your skin type, you can choose one of our organic moisturizers. For dry and mature skin types, Organic Rich Moisturizing Cream would be the best choice as it meets the nutritional needs of dry skin.

If you managed to read to the end, you deserve a little ‘hack’ that you can do with Bees & Trees products. Especially now that the winter is coming, you can end the routine with a little bit of Precleansing Gel which creates an occlusive layer and your skin will feel as soft as a baby. Try it and then we’ll talk! 

The perfect cleansing for dry and / or dehydrated skin:
The perfect moisturizer for dehydrated skin:
The perfect moisturizer for dry skin:
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